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Eddy Ray Will Make Your Event Unique And Exciting With Energetic Magic Shows!

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Need A Magician in Collegeville To Perform At An Upcoming Party?

Hiring a magician is a fantastic choice for a children’s party. A magician usually can entertain a wide age group as opposed to other entertainers like a clown. Let’s face it, some children are really afraid of clowns. The painted face, crazy costume, and big shoes may seem fun for some of the children, but what happens when one of them gets upset and disturbs the party because they are SCARED?

By having a magician perform at your party, the children can easily relate to him or her. Their faces aren’t painted, they for the most part look normal. Something that the children will be intrigued by is the fact that the magician can do incredible and visual magic tricks that will please the eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, not all magicians are created equal.

It’s important to ask the magician, before making your decision, if they have any testimonials, a client list, and other resources that you can view so you have a good idea of what they can offer. Some magicians out there are only hobbyists and part-time.  They may do a good show but how passionate and driven are they to help make your event memorable?

Eddy Ray can perform his magic show in just about any situation and venue. If you are planning an outdoor event, he can offer a few types of magic entertainment packages that would be the most appropriate. He can also perform indoors of course and he doesn't require a huge space!

Some magicians in Collegeville have certain requirements which is fine, but many of these magicians are not versatile enough to perform in every situation. With Eddy Ray's magic shows, he can adjust his magic show to fit within your event. Whether Eddy is performing close up strolling magic, a comedy stand-up magic show, or stage show, he can create a show package that will be the perfect fit.

Eddy Ray also can provide his backdrop and sound system for his magic shows. This adds that extra professional touch and allows the show to be seen and heard much better. Not many magicians in the local area offer this type of professionalism but Eddy feels it's necessary in putting on a good magic show!

During Eddy's shows, things may disappear, appear, or even transform! His magic is so visual that people are usually so astonished their jaws will drop. Eddy's magic can have such a positive impact on your event and your guests will be asking where you found such a fantastic entertainer!

Magician Eddy Ray is awaiting your phone call or email. Please call him today for more information at 1-877-297-7252 or email There is no obligation. Eddy Ray is available in your area. Serving other major areas of PA including, Lancaster , Easton , and more.

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