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Magicians in King of Prussia For Events, Parties, And More!


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Hiring an entertainer for your child’s party is something that will excite your child like never before. A magician for your child’s party will make the party easier to plan and be a hit for the whole neighborhood! Magicians add spark and energy into your event while creating the impossible and boosting the imginations of your guests. Everyone loves magic, you and old alike!

By having a magician entertain at your child’s party allows you to relax and enjoy the show! There will be no need to find some games or other activities to fill time as a magic show usually lasts 30 – 50 minutes. This means that along with the show, food, presents, and cake… you will be set.

Many magicians usually offer party package options and can entertain different age groups. Magician Eddy Ray performs his magic shows at birthday parties and other family events. His goal is to make your child the star of the magic show while all of his or her friends become magician’s assistants for the day.

Eddy always involves the children in each and every show. Interaction is the key to keeping the children smiling, laughing, and enjoying the magic show. Some magicians around town don’t use volunteers. By not interacting with children the magic show becomes just something to watch.. kind of like television. Eddy makes every effort to keep the children involved as they helpout in front of their friends holding magical props, magic wands, and even have magic happen in their own hands!

Magicians can vary from amateur to professional and from skill level to skill level. It's very important that you find the best professional magician in town for your event. A professional will be reliable, show up on time, and put on a memorable show. Don't take a chance by hiring an amature magician who may not show up or may not have a good and entertainig show.

If you are interested in more information on this magician in King of Prussia Eddy Ray, to help make your child’s party memorable contact him now. Call 1-877-297-7252 or email for FREE Information & Price Quote. There Is No Obligation!