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Lancaster Magician in Pennsylvania - Kids or Adults


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Eddy Ray is your Certified Magician for Lancaster County, Strasburg, Lititz, Manheim, Columbia, East Petersburg, Intercourse, Millersville, Akron, Ephrata, Mt. Joy, Brownstown, and surrounding areas.


Hiring Tips: Entertainment For Events And Parties

When searching for a magical act it's very important to make sure they are qualified and professional. Some magicians perform full time while others only perform in their free time. That can mean a huge difference when finding the right magician for your event.

You will want a performer who is reliable and trustworthy. You also want someone who is talented and who knows how to entertain that proper age group that will be attending your event. A few suggestions to ask are:

a) Ask the magician if they have testmonials you can review. This will show you what other people thought of their services. If they cannot provide a solid list of testimonials, move on. Magicains in Lancaster consist of amateur and professional. This can usually be easily distinguished by the testimonials themselves. If others regard the magician highly, you should be on the right track.

b) Some entertainers only perform in their free time as mentioned earlier. Ask the magician if they perform full time or part-time. Professional magicians can be trusted much more then anyone else as they are successful and wouldn't be in business full time if they were not talented. Be careful, there are some magicians who say they are "professional" when in reality the rely upon another job to pay their bills. A magician who puts food on the table for his or her family should be highly considered as the most experienced, talented, and professional.

c) Make sure the magician can offer you a few different show options to choose from. Don't get caught with a magician who only offers one magic show. The more options the better for everyone. Having more choices is always better and some magicians can offer or suggest things to you that you might now have even considered. Adding certain features to your event that you never thought of can help make it stand out over past events.

d) Guarantee. Does the magician offer a guarantee of services rendered? If not, can you trust the magician or performer to do a professional job? This is a very important question to consider for your event. Are you willing to run the risk of hiring someone who might not guarantee that they will do a fantastic job for you? It could ruin a very special and important event for you, and your guests!

Eddy Ray wants to send you free information and a price quote for your event. Simply call 1-877-297-7252 or email . If you wait, your event date and time could vanish fast.... don't let the tricks start before you have Eddy hired!!!