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Quick Party Tips For When Having Magicians in Lansdale Pennsylvania For Your Event/Party!

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Having A Magic Show for your kids birthday party!

1. Try and keep the kids in a different area from where the magician will be setting up. Kids can get overly excited and detract from the magician properly setting up for the show. This will also keep the kid(s) from seeing any sort of surprises by accident.

2. Make sure to have an open space that the kids can sit comfortably in to enjoy the show. Uncomfortable seats or a hard floor can make them squirm and want to move around. Use blankets and/or large pillows for them to sit on. During Magician Eddy Ray’s Magic Show, you don’t need a huge amount of room or space. In fact Eddy has performed in all kinds of venues from small apartments to moving trains and more! The most important thing is just to make the area comfortable and uncluttered. This will ensure a fun and exciting performance!

3. If planning the party and magic show outside please notify the magician. If bad weather would occur it is important to have a backup plan in place. Eddy Ray doesn't require to much space, so this should not be an issue! He is super easy to work with and able to adapt his presentation for you.