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Magicians in Lebanon Pennsylvania


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Magicians in Lebanon Who Can Dazzle, Delight, And Amaze!

Eddy Ray is the areas only full time professional and certified magician. This means that he has the talent, experience, and service necessary to help make any event memorable and fun. Most magicians only perform magic as a hobby however Eddy has been performing magic full time as a career since graduating high school in 1998.

There are several things that makes Eddy Ray's magic shows stand out over other magicians in the area, read on!

#1) Eddy Ray's magic is age appropriate. Whether you have kids or adults at your event, Eddy will create a magic show that will be appropriate for the ages of the audience. All to often magicians perform complicated tricks for kids that are hard to understand. Eddy Ray can customize his magic show packages to fit your event perfectly! This magician goes above and beyond to make you look good and give your audience a very entertaining experience!

#2) He can provide posters, flyers, a full backdrop, sound system, and much more for the magic show if the venue allows. This will help create interest in the magic show as well as giving that extra professional touch to your event and the show itself. Not many other magicians go to this effort. Eddy Ray creates excitement and chatter before the show even begins!

#3) Are all magicians the same? Do they have similar abilities and talent? This certainly is not true. Eddy's magic show is far more entertaining simply because of experience alone. His experience coupled with originality, humor, and easy going personality make Eddy's magic shows unique and fun. Some magicians simply buy tricks and perform them word for word off the instructions... this is not a performance. Eddy Ray's magic shows are a true performance art as you will witness original presentations, sleight of hand, plus so much more. Eddy Ray has a truly unique and different act as stated by a judge for America's Got Talent during auditions.

Stop searching through magicians who may or may not be able to perform a professional and entertaining show. Eddy Ray, is the top magician and for good reason. He can make your event or party memorable from start to finish. He guarantees a successful magic show and event, your guests will be thrilled and entertained! You cannot go wrong with Eddy!