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A Few Party/Event Tips By Mechanicsburg Magician Eddy Ray

When starting to plan your party or event, use these tips and best of luck!

- Tip 1: Figure out who will or might attend your event. Age is important factor because you want to be sure the magician in Mechanicsburg has a show that will be age appropriate. Some magicians may not have the correct type of show that your event needs.

- Tip 2: Timing. How long is your event going to last? How long of a magic show will you need? This magician offers many types of magic show packages that range from 20 minutes to over 60 minutes. This magician can customize stand-up or mingle magic shows and entertainment that will fit just about any event. This allows you to easily plan your event around other entertainment or things that might be necessary throughout your event.

- Tip 3: Venue. This is probably the most important thing to consider first. Once you have a venue, everything else can start being organized and planned. The great thing about this magicain is that he can perform his magic entertainment in almost any venue, even if it's outside. Eddy Ray is one of the most versatile magicians in the greater area. It becomes very easy when working with this magician to add that extra touch of magic entertainment. There really is no work on your part, but the rewards of having this magician at your event is well worth it.

- Tipe 4: Eddy Ray, is a full time professional who provides quality magic shows that are fun and memorable. His fees are a bit higher then most others, but Eddy is very reliable, his magic shows are guaranteed to entertain, and he is also one of the most experienced magicians. It's usually better to spend a bit more then risk going with a cheaper option just to save a few bucks. You get what you pay for and there are plenty of average magicians who may or may not do a good show. Eddy understand that you have a budget and realizes you deserve the best value possible. Contact this magician and ask what kind of customized magic show package he can offer you!