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Nazareth Magician For Kids Or Adults

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Simple Tips For Your Magical Party!

When planning that special party for your child or simliar event, there are several things you can do to make sure the day of the party goes as smoothly as possible.

Eddy Ray recommends placing balloons outside on a mailbox, or simliar place that can be seen by people along your road. This will help your guests spot your home and know exactly that they are in the right location. Some performers do not provide party tips like this but these can really benefit you and make things easy.

Magicians sometimes can provide you with color flyers or posters which can also be used as decortations to promote the party and theme. Not all magicians do this but Eddy Ray does. He feels that providing you with flyers and posters will allow your guests to get even more excited about the magic show and party itself.

Eddy Ray recommends using his biography and pictures to your liking. You can use this information in invitations which you can make yourself on a computer, they can be used in mailings to your guests, or to personalize the magic theme for your party.

Unfortuanately many magicians do not allow picture and videoing taking of their magic shows during your event. Gladly, Eddy Ray highly recommends that you be prepared to take as much video, and as many pictures of his magic show that you like. It is your event after all and Eddy has no problem in you wanting to capture all of those fun and amazing moment which will be memories you and your child can treasure for a long time to come.

This magician can even setup his "magical" backdrop for the magic show allowing for the best pictures possible. The backdrop is recommend to be setup inside as wind and other factors can affect it outside. Not many, if any other magicians offer this feature in the local area.