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Magicians in Norristown - Eddy Ray


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Norristown Magician Eddy Ray Is A Certified Magician, Excelling In High Quality Magic Shows, Customer Service, And Clean Family Magic Shows!

Hiring MagiciansFor Your Next Event – A Few Tips And Suggestions On Finding The Most Qualified Magician or Party Entertainer In Town.

Tips for hiring a professional magician, Kids Parties and Adult Parties.

  • Search for a performers that can supply a reference or testimonial sheet. Either have them email it to you, or ask them if they provide it on their website. Testimonials are very important as it will establish credibility for the performer.
  • Ask the magician or entertainer if there are any additional or hidden fees before making any decision. Some magicians might charge additional travel or have certain agency fees. Ask and stay informed.
  • Does the magician offer any sort of guarantee for his or her services? This is important because only true professionals can feel confident enough to guarantee their work. This is a mark of a professional.

Magician Eddy Ray regularly performs over 30 shows a month. With this continous work schedule, his magic show is guaranteed to be professionally honed and tweaked so that you get the best experience and best magic show possible! Most magicians who do not perform on a regular basis will not be reliable enough to perform a GREAT show each and every time. Magicians like this will have weak spots or general spots in the magic show that might seem slow and boring. In fact, some magicians have not had enough experience to even realize the magic tricks they perform might be to difficult for the kids to understand.

Eddy Ray knows what kind of tricks to perform for all ages and even tweaks or customizes his magic show based upon the age of your guests. Clean comedy accompanied with visual magic tricks, and audience participation make Eddy's magic shows a huge draw.