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Quick Tips and Important Things To Note About Entertainment and Hiring Performers

If you are searching to hire a performer please ask the potential magician to provide testimonials and a client list. These two pieces of information are key, you don’t want some that you can’t trust or rely upon. A child’s birthday is a special time, don’t let an amateur magician ruin it.

Magicians should offer different party packages. Don’t be pushed into just one choice. Magician Eddy Ray offers many party package options and can customize one for you. It’s important that the magician is flexible. Magicians should offer party tips and advice to help you plan your event, making it less stressfull.

Most magicians only perform out of a small briefcase and some of the tricks might be difficult for kids and adults to see. This makes for a lousy show experience for the audience. This magician has colorful and visual props and the magic itself is easy to follow and understand. This makes the experience much more enjoyable for all of your guests. This magician makes sure that every magic show can be seen and heard by all! This is so important that it is very sad to say that some don't bother with making sure they have an adequate sound system for the performance!

Eddy Ray can perform in almost any venue whether it's outside in a park, or inside in a small apartment. His show can be seen by hundreds or more people and even as small as just a few. Unlike other magicians, Eddy Ray's magic shows are always tweaked to fit your event for maximum entertainment value.

This magician also brings a sound system and backdrop if necessary for the show and if it can work in your event area. This gives the magic show that extra over the top professional touch and will add to the experience for your guests. Not many other magicians take things like this into consideration, but Eddy feels that extra features like this can really make the show extra special.

This magician also features some of the kids and adults in his magic shows. People can volunteer to help Eddy Ray perform some magic routines throughout his show which makes for memorable times. Watch as magic happens in one of your kids hands! The huge benefit of having people involved like this makes everything much more entertaining and interesting as it creates a lot of curiousity as to what might magically happen!