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Eddy Ray is your Certified Magician for Pottstown, Stowe, Douglassville, Birdsboro, Boyertown, Harleysville, Gilbertsville, Pottsgrove and surrounding

Hire This Magical Guy And Your Event Will Be Amazing!!!

This magician Eddy Ray has an incredibly visual and interactive magic show that suits all ages. Magic is a great form of entertainment because it has no language barriers.

Magician Eddy Ray’s show is built on one main factor, to get the children and audience involved. How does he do this? Throughout the show he will ask for volunteers to help out with certain magical tricks and routines. Some children might hold a magic wand, or other prop to assist Eddy. This makes the child or children feel special because they actually get to help create the magic!

Not every child can help out on stage, however every child will feel a part of the entire magic show. Eddy Ray does this so every child is smiling and happy. Often he goes directly into the middle of the audience to make the magic happen!

Not all performers do this. Some of them stay put in front of the audience for the whole show. It’s almost like watching television! Eddy’s magic is unique, visual, and super fun. He makes a point to directly involve the audience and have them be a huge part of the show, if it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t be doing what he loves to do!

Eddy often makes magic happen right in the children’s own hands. Imagine bright red sponge balls multiplying, appearing, and disappearing in your child’s hands! Eddy also performs a trick where three colored scarves magically turn into an American Flag inside a child’s hand! The child often reacts in astonishment as the magic taking place in their hand... and the adults go wild too.

This is the sort of thing that makes memories. Things you will never forget, memories you can cherish. This is Eddy's goal when it comes to your event... creating memorable moments for you and your guests!