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Schuylkill Haven Magician


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Schuylkill Haven, PA - Booking Advice

There are several local magicians who hire themselves out to do magic shows for parties and various events. Here you will find tips and suggestions for hiring a magician.

1) Magicians all have the same amount of skill and talent. This is a huge misconception. As with any career field, you will have some people who are better than others. To find the best magician for your event it’s important to read some testimonials from past clients. Testimonials are very important as you will get word for word what others are saying about a magician. Eddy Ray, a local full time performer has a page on his website just for testimonials. Take a look at them now.

2) Does the magician perform on a regular basis? Some magicians only perform for friends or haven’t had enough experience to give a customer a GREAT show. Make sure the magician you hire is a full time professional because your event rides on your choice in quality entertainment over hiring someone who just offers a lower price.

3) The performer should be timely and show dedication to you and your event. Some performers locally often appear to seem like they have other things to do when you are trying to plan your event with them. The biggest problem is many entertainers in directories are simply amateurs with their personal phone number listed. I have heard stories of people calling to inquire about a show and the performer simply haning up because they were busy.

If that is the case, the performer should not have listed their phone number!

Remember, Eddy provides his services as a full time business and has email contact, and a toll free number so you can feel confident in your choice!

Use thes simple tips to help you make a good choice when hiring!