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Quick Tips To Hiring A Professional Family Performer In Pennsylvania

1) When hiring a magician in York or other areas, ask that they provide you with testimonials from other clients. This will prove if they can provide a professional service. Some magicians in York do not provide this info.

2) Be wary of magicians who offer balloon animals. Balloons can be dangerous for younger children. On top of that, they don’t last long and can break easily. If there are smaller children around, this could also scare them.

3) Before hiring a magician, visit their website. Are there pictures of the magician? Some magician in York don’t provide good pictures. Wouldn’t you rather see what you are getting rather then hire someone blind? Websites can provide you a boat load of details regarding expectations, the performers skills, and you can usually watch videos too.

Keep in mind many magicians and performers.. still in this day and age don't even have videos, or testimonials on their site. Surely you should move on and find someone else if this is the case! No serious entertainer is without these tools to help you find the best for your event.

4) Some performers work for agencies. These agencies can send almost any magician out to a party depending upon availability. This may be fine and the magician might do a good job but how can you be sure? Make sure the magician you hire is the one that will be performing at YOUR event.