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Magicians in Pottsville PA


Magician Eddy Ray Is Available To Make Your Next Event Rock With Magic!

Call Now 1-877-297-7252 or email for FREE Information & Price Quote. There Is No Obligation!

Eddy Ray is your Certified Magician for Pottsville PA and surrounding areas.

Top Reasons To Hire Eddy Ray And How To Make Your Event A Smashing Success!

Eddy Ray has performed for kids and adults all over the area and world! This magician brings experience and expertise, a fun personality, and the willingness to help make your event or party memorable, guaranteed! With Eddy Ray, you can relax and enjoy your event. There is no reason to worry about if Eddy will show up, or if his magic show will be good and if your guests will enjoy it. With some magiciains in town, you should be careful because they might work with an agency and you could be paying more for the magic show because of it.

Magic is all about entertaining people and making them believe that anything is possible. Eddy will take you on a magical journey in each and every show. Eddy has appeared on radio talk shows, TV talk shows, and has even written books on magic. In fact he even teaches other magicians how to perform magic. He has lectured and performed workshops all over the world including Japan.

Eddy has over 10 instructional DVD’s on magic available for sale worldwide. He would love to bring his magic show to your next party or event. If you ever thought about hiring a magician, it can be a bit daunting. Trying to find qualified professionals who will make you look good can be far and few between. Luckily Eddy has the experience needed to help you plan your event and make it memorable. Eddy's magic shows and magic in general can be performed in just about any situation and venue making his magic so accessible to people.

Most magicians perform magic as a hobby or in their free time. You can’t rely on them doing a full entertaining show, that’s if they show up on time or even at all. You see, by not hiring a professional magician, you run the risk of bad things happening. Sure there are good magicians out there who perform magic as a hobby but when compared to someone like Eddy Ray, the value that you will get with a professional is far higher.

Magician Eddy Ray performs many magic shows for kids and adults and can customize a show for any event. Eddy performs regularly in schools, childcare centers, rec centers, libraries, festivals, fairs, and many other venues all over town. Eddy Ray can perform indoors and even outside as he doesn't require a very fancy setup making his magic show versatile! Imagine Eddy being able to entertain at your event in just about every or any situation!

Eddy Ray is a total pro and is very easy to work with. From start to finish Eddy will make your event a top priority and do his best to make your event the best ever! Make your event shine and leave your guests with a magical impression that will not wear off! What more can you ask for?

If you are interested in more information on Eddy's magical services to help make your child’s party memorable contact him now. Call Toll Free 1-877-297-7252 or email for FREE Information & Price Quote. There Is No Obligation!

Eddy also provides magic show entertainment in Bethlehem , Lehigh Valley , and other major areas in Pennsylvania. Can he come to your area? Sure! Contact Eddy now!