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Magicians in Bethlehem PA


Eddy Ray Adds A Magical Touch To Your Event Or Party, Perfect For Kids and Adults!!

Eddy Ray Offers 100% Satisfaction On Every Magic Show!

Book A Show, Get Answers To Your Questions.

Call Eddy at 1-877-297-7252 or email for FREE Information & Price Quote. There Is No Obligation, so don't delay any longer!

Eddy Ray a magician in Bethlehem, is your Certified Magician in Pennsylvania and Beyond.

Hiring Tips When Looking For A Magician - Insider Tips And Techniques To Help Make Event Planning Easier!

  1. When hiring a magician in Bethlehem PA, make sure to ask for a full client list or testimonial list. This information is crucial when trying to find someone who has the experience to make your event fun and memorable. Unfortunately, many magicians locally just perform magic as a hobby and don't have the professionalism or talent needed in puting on a fantastic show.
  2. Ask the local magician how long they've been performing. There are some magicians who could just have started in the magic industry and do not know enough to be able to make your event successful. Experience is the key when hiring a magician as an experienced magician can work in almost any situation. If the magician cannot provide solid information and they haven't been performing long... how can you trust them to do a good job?
  3. Make sure to look for a proven track record when hiring a magician. The information above sounds simple, but it's important to ask first rather then being sorry later by hiring the wrong magician for your party or event.. A proven track record includes testimonials from clients, work experience, show package options, versatility, service, offers, and guarantee! It also indicates the magician is a pro!
  4. Plan ahead if possible. Leave yourself some wiggle room as things don't always go as planned. When hiring professional magicians, it's recommended to contact them at least a month or more prior to your event. Magician Eddy Ray sometimes books months in advance but there might be available time slots and dates still open. Don't delay in hiring a magician, as it is a big part of your event. Entertainment is an important factor in making your event memorable!
  5. Enjoy your event! Often, party planners get caught up in the planning and forget to enjoy the event they planned so hard for. By hiring Eddy Ray, it will allow you the opportunity to enjoy the entertainment and get the same experience your guests will have.

Eddy Ray has magic shows for every occassion. From a child's birthday party to a corporate picnic, Eddy can amaze and dazzle your guest with age appropiate comedy, magic and audience participation! His magic has no boundaries and Eddy is the busiest magician in the area!

Are you ready to treat your guests to the incredible and visual magic Eddy Ray offers? Your guests, whether young or old will be experiencing magic and it will really make your event one they won't soon forget! What could be better than that?

Please call him magician Eddy Ray today for more information at 1-877-297-7252 or email There is no obligation. Magician Eddy Ray is available in your area and cities such as, Norristown , Hazleton , and tons of other areas!

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