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Magicians in Easton Pennsylvania

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Magic, Comedy, and Tons Of Fun

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Easton PA Magicians - Eddy Ray Is The Busiest In Town

Eddy Ray is a full time family entertainer specializing in magic shows for kids and adults, it doesn't matter the ages as he can cater his show for each event! Eddy performs many amazing magic tricks. Below are some of the well known tricks this magician performs in some of his magic shows.

Eddy Ray performs some amazing tricks, here are a few samples of what you might see in one of his memorable magic performances!

a) Eddy Ray makes playing cards appear and disappear at his fingertips. This is pure sleight of hand magic that only a talented and professional magician can perform. Eddy Ray is well known for his magic skills and sleight of hand expertise. Simple objects magically do all sorts of impossible things within his hands. Not many local magicians are as skilled or experts in this field of magic like Eddy.

b) Eddy Ray also performs an incredible 50 foot rope escape! Two lucky volunteers have the chance to win money as Eddy tries to escape from rope after they’ve tied him head to toe! This is a feature performance is many family magic shows, public magic shows at fairs and festivals for Eddy. If you have the chance to see Eddy perform this, make sure to volunteer for your chance to win and tie him up!!! It's fun, exciting, and a bit dramatic too!

c) Eddy Ray is known for taking classical magic tricks and bringing them into modern day through style, performance, showmanship and more. One classic trick is the mystery of the rings, which this magician has brought into the modern era. Classic magic tricks are always visual and fun to watch. Eddy performs many effects in each and every magic show and provides the audience with an entertaining display of showmanship like no other magicians in town can!

d) Comedy interaction. One of the popular parts of the show for Eddy is the audience involvment and comedy portion. Watch as volunteers assist Eddy in hilarious comedy bits, mind reading tricks, and pure laugh making magic. Your guests will become the stars of the entire program! Not many magicians offer such audience involvement to this degree. Eddy makes sure everyone gets involved and has fun in different ways!

Magician Eddy Ray meets all of these criteria and offers professional magic show packages for many kinds of events. Call right this minute for more show details and pricing! Phone: 1-877-297-7252 or email

You might also find Eddy performing in Elysburg , Nazareth , Lebanon PA and many more places.